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Holes may be drilled or cut into the exhaust trunk, but no external appendages may be added.

No protrusions other than standard are allowed.

Motor cowlings may be altered to increase air flow but no external protrusions are allowed.

No protruding expansion exhaust box.

Motor cowlings may be altered to increase air flow.

External water pick-ups are allowed


A RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a standard production boat comprising a single or catamaran hull fitted with buoyancy collar(s), propulsion unit(s)
and ancillary equipment as used for diving,fishing, skiing and leisure.

Formula 1: 2 x200hp/3000cc
Formula 3: Up to 115hp/1850cc

Stage 4/Day 4: 31st December 2008
Struisbaai - Hermanus
07:30 Roll Call on the beach at Struisbaai
08:00 Race begins, Destination: Hermanus.
Checkpoints at Die Damme, Pearly Beach, Uilkraalsmond and Gansbaai
13:00 Red Square King of the Waves at Hermanus
18:00 Briefing for Night Race

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