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It is allowed to reduce the overall weight of the conrods by removing the flashing on the shank of all three connecting rods to attain the weight spec, provided for in the homologation specs.


It is allowed to remove any excess wiring, heat sensors, rev limiters, low oil sensors etc. It is forbidden to modify coils, to rewire coils or other components, to tamper with CDI units or to add any electrical component (starter) or any other part that is not a standard original part.


Propellers/Jets are free.

Re-boring is allowed up to a maximum of 849cc (1mm oversize maximum on pistons)
Bullet or racing gearboxes are allowed.

No restrictions on welding of the crank.

No restrictions on dimensions quoted.

No restrictions on weights quoted.

Measurements not quoted in the homologation sheets may be altered.

Parts may be changed with another manufacturer.
Stage 3/Day 3:
30th December 2008
Stilbaai - Struisbaai
07:30 Roll Call at Stilbaai
08:00 Race begins, Destination Struisbaai. Checkpoints at Witsand and Arniston.
13:00 Red Square King of the Waves at Struisbaai

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