Spark plugs and spark plug caps may be replaced by others of other characteristics.
Revolution counters may be installed.
All auto lubes may be removed, together with parts related thereto.
The rubber engine mounting may be replaced with solid or mounts with similar characteristics.
Springs may be added to the throttle lever of the carburettors
No skimming, grinding or machining of any part is allowed.
Electric starts are not permitted.

Where a dimension is quoted on a piston, metal may be removed to reach a specific weight, provided the dimensions are maintained. Should there still be an excess of weight, this may be removed from the inside of the piston. Example: the inside of the skirt or the area where the gudgeoned pin goes through
Holes may be drilled in the flywheel to reduce weight. It is not allowed to reduce the outside diameter or to reduce the thickness at any point.

Stage 2/Day 2:
29th December 2008
Mosselbay - Stilbaai

07:30 Roll Call at Santos Beach Mossel Bay
08:00 Race begins, Destination: Stilbaai. Checkpoints at Vleesbaai & Gouritz River Mouth
13:00 Red Square King of the Waves at Stilbaai

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